About Me

Hey, I’m KGIII (known by many names, including David) and this is my site. I’m a retired mathematician and a fan of the Linux-based operating systems.

This project started off as a brief attempt to put my numerous Linux notes online. That was quite a while ago and on another domain. The search engines didn’t really like the .gq domain name and the various email providers liked it even less. On top of that, I was maintaining quite a regular publication schedule. So, I might as well make it better.

For the most part, I’m a Lubuntu fan. I’m not a distro-hopper. I tend to use Lubuntu. However, I also use virtual machines of numerous other operating systems. I enjoy learning their differences and enjoy helping people – which means I should probably be familiar with what’s out there and how to fix it.

At this moment in time, I have been consistently testing Lubuntu. I do daily testing, helping to make the next release better than the last release. I enjoy working with the Lubuntu team.

You can find me on AskUbuntu, Unix & Linux StackExchange, and here.

But, I spend most of my forum time online at Linux.org. It is on that site that I’m a moderator, a glorified janitor is how it really is. There’s a great bunch of people there and the community is pretty welcoming. If you’re looking for a forum atmosphere to learn more about Linux, I’d recommend this one. (I freely admit my bias.)

Here, you’ll find a collection of my notes. I’ll pretty them up, make them into small bites, and get them published. Eventually, I’ll run out of notes and have to actually do some work. Until then, I’m pretty set for content. 

If you’d like to contribute, use the register feature or just scroll up and hit the contribute link. It’s right there and you’ll be making the web a more informed place. 

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