I am open to discussing advertisements in the form of sponsored articles and sponsored snippets.

Everything on this page is open to negotiation and discussion. Seriously, reach out to ask. I usually respond to all the requests. We may not meet in the middle, but it’s worth asking. I’d rather do sponsored articles than deal with AdSense. As you can see, there are no AdSense ads on the site.

Anyhow, read on!

The first method is sponsored articles. You write an article and I publish it. That’s straightforward.

The second is sponsored snippets. I write an article, add a snippet about your link, and post that snippet in the article. If this confuses you, picture YouTube sponsorship where the host promotes the sponsor. Do not picture the default YouTube ads. These would be embedded within the article.

If this interests you, read on! If you have other ideas, contact me. I’m open to suggestions.

I initially did not want to do this, but I’ve had many requests to do so and the site costs me money. The ads from Google are less than adequate, shall we say. I’d like to keep doing what I do and this seems like a good way to keep on keeping on. The following contains general guidelines but I’m open to negotiations.


There are rules. These rules are pretty firm. The rules can be discussed and changed. Just ask. I’m pretty open.

  1. Your content will be labeled as being sponsored. (This can be negotiated.)
  2.  No pornography.
  3. Nothing illegal, of course.
  4. Your content must be in English.
  5. You pay 50% down and the remaining 50% within 72 hours of publication.
  6. If your link goes 404 for more than 72 hours, it may be deleted.
  7. You may not change the content of the link to something illegal or pornographic.
  8. Sponsored articles should be tech-related, preferably Linux-specific. (Not so for snippets.)
Sponsored Articles:

This is what most companies ask me about. Almost none of them do their research and want me to accept ‘guest’ articles with links to beauty supplies, weight loss, and things of that nature. If you want to sponsor an article, it must be about tech. Preferably, it will be directly relatable to Linux, but I realize that’s difficult.

Articles should be 600 to 1000 words, though I will publish longer articles. You need to include your images as I do not do image creation for you. You should also include your meta description. If you do not include this, I’ll simply use as much of the first paragraph, inasmuch as is reasonable to do so, and only to the limits possible.

While I will mention that your article is sponsored, this will NOT be at the start of the article. This way you get the SEO benefits of the opening sentence. I’ll add it somewhere after a few paragraphs and will do so in a tasteful manner. You can expect the article to be published within 7 days after receipt. 

The current cost to do a sponsored article is $150 USD. This price will increase as the site grows.

If you intend to have a long-term relationship with this site, mention that at the start of your contact email. By doing that, I can do things like lock you in at that rate so that your costs don’t increase. If you want to sponsor multiple articles, let me know this at the beginning. I assume you’ve researched the site well enough to know the details and that’s why you’re asking to publish an article. If you have any questions, let me know.

Sponsored Snippets:

This is something nobody has asked about but I think is a great idea. Again, picture sponsorship on YouTube. You include a snippet of text and a link. I’ll publish that somewhere within an article – in the opening section of the article unless otherwise requested. In this instance, it’s just an article that I’ll write but you still get to post your link.

Your snippet should contain no more than 100-ish words. This will be a ‘dofollow’ (meaning not adding nofollow specifically as links default to dofollow and there’s no need to specify this) link that you embed within your snippet. You also decide on the hover-over title text. 

This will, of course, be listed as a sponsorship. I want to keep it clear to my audience that it is sponsored content. I think that’s only fair and will do so tastefully and gratefully. An example of this would be similar to, “I’d like to thank today’s sponsor for making this site possible. Please consider visiting their site.”

This won’t be something that can be blocked by an adblocking extension. It will not be in its own element. It will be simple text and a link. If you want to include a very small picture with it, we can discuss that. I try to be open. I’m also pretty lenient, so these are all just general guidelines.

See? Nice and simple. I quite like the idea of having folks sponsor an article with a snippet like that. As such, I’ve decided to make it relatively inexpensive. You can expect your sponsored snippet to be embedded in a new article within 7 days.

The current cost to do a sponsored snippet is $50. This price will grow as the site grows.

If you wish to add a snippet to an already published article, you’ll have to contact me. Otherwise, the snippet will be placed in a new article that has to do with Linux. It will not be posted in any meta article unless you expressly ask for that (and I’d not suggest doing so, for your benefit).

Just like the above section, feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or questions. I’m open to suggestions and I’m willing to negotiate some things. I am writing this because I’m bombarded by requests. I want to avoid typing out the same things over and over, so consider this a general guideline. If you wanted to do sponsored snippets for multiple articles, I’d be happy to discuss a better rate with you.


If you’d like to support Linux-Tips then you can do so in a way that benefits you. I’m open about admitting that I’m fairly new to this, though I’ve asked a lot of questions along the way and this seems to be reasonable. It should be fairly clear that I’m open to suggestions. I’ll also host regular ads, though they’d be mixed in with Google’s ads and I don’t think that’s a clear win for everybody. If you’re curious about the stats, I write regular meta articles and discuss that. You can always ask questions and I’ll answer them as time and interest allows.

Thanks for reading and thanks for contacting me.

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