Make ‘wget’ Resume From An Interrupted Download

Today’s just going to be a quick article, an article where we learn how to make ‘wget’ resume from an interrupted download. This is a darned useful function you can add to a wget command, especially if you’re in an area with sketchy connectivity. To learn to make wget resume from an interrupted download, read … Continue reading “Make ‘wget’ Resume From An Interrupted Download”

Limit The Download Speed For ‘wget’

In today’s article, we’re going to learn how to limit the download speed for ‘wget’. It will be a short article because I’m watching a race and didn’t bother writing an article ahead of time. It’ll also be suitable for someone new to ‘wget’. So, to learn how to limit the download speed for ‘wget’, … Continue reading “Limit The Download Speed For ‘wget’”

Rename A File Downloaded With ‘wget’

In today’s article, we’re going to learn how to rename a file downloaded with ‘wget’. This will not be a complicated article. It will also be a pretty short article. If you want to learn how to rename a file downloaded with ‘wget’, read on and you’ll see how! Often, you’ll use ‘wget’ to download … Continue reading “Rename A File Downloaded With ‘wget’”

How To: Hide The Output From wget

In today’s article you’re going to learn that you actually can hide the output from wget. I am not one of folks want to do this, but some do. Or at least the option is there, so I assume they do. Either way, read on and you’ll know how to hide the output from wget!  … Continue reading “How To: Hide The Output From wget”

Make wget Use IPv4 or IPv6

Today’s article is a fun one, an article where you learn how to make wget use IPv4 or IPv6. Not only is this useful, it’s easy! In fact, it’s easy enough for most anyone to figure out. Plus, this will be a fairly short article – I think. I mean, I haven’t written it yet, … Continue reading “Make wget Use IPv4 or IPv6”

How To: Make ‘wget’ Ignore Certificate Errors

In today’s article, we’ll learn how to make ‘wget’ ignore certificate errors. It’s an easy thing to do and can be pretty useful if you want to download stuff from a server with a broken or missing security certificate. It’s a simple process, one which even a new Linux user can follow – but it’s … Continue reading “How To: Make ‘wget’ Ignore Certificate Errors”

Let’s Have Christmas In The Terminal

Today’s article is just another fun article. In this article, we’re going to learn how to have Christmas in the terminal. You won’t learn much of anything useful, but you may have some mild entertainment. Read on! As you know, a lot of these articles are things you can do in a terminal. So, what’s … Continue reading “Let’s Have Christmas In The Terminal”

How To: Install XnView MP On Ubuntu

Today’s article is going to do exactly what it says in the headline, it’s going to show you how to install XnView MP on Ubuntu. It won’t be a very long article, perhaps a bit longer than some, nor will it be all that difficult. XnView is a great photo viewing and manipulation application that … Continue reading “How To: Install XnView MP On Ubuntu”

Sync On Ubuntu 22.04

In today’s article, we’re going to learn how to sync on Ubuntu 22.04. It’s an easy enough article, one even a new user can follow. Read on, my dear readers! It’s a holiday when/where I write this, largely ’cause I wasn’t ahead of schedule, so a nice and easy article sounds like a good … Continue reading “Sync On Ubuntu 22.04”

Want To See The WiFi Password In The Terminal?

It’s remarkably easy (assuming one can gain access to a privileged account) to get the WiFi password from the terminal. It does generally require sudo or root. It’s literally three commands. It’s the kind of attack you’d possibly worry about in an office where you don’t regularly log out of your device when you leave … Continue reading “Want To See The WiFi Password In The Terminal?”

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