2 thoughts on “How To: Graphically Login as Root in Ubuntu”

  1. You said “In fact, if you have a good reason for doing this, please leave a comment letting us know what that reason is.”

    The reason is simple. I’m normally a Windows user, I can just do stuff. Whenever I want, on my own computer. If I want to edit a configuration file for some program, I can do it if I’m root, in a GUI text editor like mousepad. No typing bloody sudo commands all the time. And I get to see all the files. Nothing hidden from myself, the only owner of the computer.

    1. Thanks for commenting and yup, you can do that. It’s great that you can.

      I just use sudo, personally. Though I do cheat. I have a complex password and I don’t like typing it all the time. So, once logged in, you can use sudo in the terminal without a password.


      I’m a big fan of ‘whatever works for you’. If that works for you, then you should do it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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