How To: Go To A Specific Line In Nano

In today’s article, we’re going to learn how you can go to a specific line in Nano. It’ll be an easy article, perhaps even a fairly brief article. There are a just a couple of ways to cover, so it won’t take all that much time or space. Often, when things like scripts throw an … Continue reading “How To: Go To A Specific Line In Nano”

Let’s Install Nano (With Some Bonus Information)

This site mentions nano quite a few times, but never tells you how to install nano. Today, this changes! Today, we make sure you have nano available! Not all distros have nano installed by default, but in pretty much all distros nano would be a useful tool to have. The nano text editor (GNU nano) … Continue reading “Let’s Install Nano (With Some Bonus Information)”

How To: Sort Text Alphabetically

Today’s article is mostly just a fun article, one suitable for a beginner, as we learn how to sort text alphabetically. We’ll be doing this in the terminal, of course. If you’re a new user and want to get acclimated to using the terminal, this might be a good article to read. It won’t be … Continue reading “How To: Sort Text Alphabetically”

Let’s Make The rm Command Even Safer

Today’s article is one I don’t expect most folks to follow, but it’ll be a fun way to make the rm command even safer. If this article sounds familiar, then you remember a recent article. Well, this article takes it a step further and we’re making the rm command even safer! See, in the last … Continue reading “Let’s Make The rm Command Even Safer”

Let’s Make The rm Command A Little Safer

In today’s article, we will discuss a simple trick that will help you make the rm command a little safer. This isn’t something everyone will do, but it might be something a cautious user might do. It might also be something a new user might want to consider doing. After all, you can’t be too … Continue reading “Let’s Make The rm Command A Little Safer”

Manage Files In A tar Archive

Today we’ll have a fairly simple article, albeit a bit archaic, as we learn how to manage files in a tar archive. We often work with modern compression methods but tar files still exist and are in wide use. If this is something you’re interested in, this is the article for you. If this isn’t … Continue reading “Manage Files In A tar Archive”

Add User To The ‘sudoers’ Group

Today we’ll have a pretty straightforward article that’s meant for those who want to add a user to the ‘sudoers’ group. I have tested this in Ubuntu, specifically in Lubuntu, and it works. It shouldn’t be a complicated article, one easy enough for anyone to follow. I am not 100% certain if this will work … Continue reading “Add User To The ‘sudoers’ Group”

Disable Inactive SSH Sessions

Today’s article can be used by anyone that has started using SSH on their computers, as we learn to disable inactive SSH sessions. It’s not going to be a very complicated article. This is easy enough for anybody to do, and there aren’t too many ways to permanently mess things up. What is SSH? My … Continue reading “Disable Inactive SSH Sessions”

Change The ‘sudo’ Password Timeout

Today’s article is going to be a pretty basic article about sudo, where we learn how to change the sudo password timeout. It’s pretty easy to change the sudo password timeout value, and reasonably safe to do so if you use visudo. So, with that in mind, read on! When you use sudo you’re given … Continue reading “Change The ‘sudo’ Password Timeout”

How To: Change DNS Servers

Today’s article shouldn’t be all that difficult for even our newest users but is limited to those who want to change DNS servers to something other than the default. This is easy enough to do, but obscure enough to warrant an article of its own.  First, let’s have some fun. I’m going to ask ChatGPT … Continue reading “How To: Change DNS Servers”

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