Fix The Application Menu For Shutter

Today’s article is pretty niche, one where we fix the application menu for Shutter. On one hand, if you don’t use Shutter, this probably isn’t the article for you – but you can still read it and learn something useful. On the other hand, it fixes a ‘problem’ with Shutter and I think this is … Continue reading “Fix The Application Menu For Shutter”

Take, Edit, And Upload Screenshots With Shutter

For such a minimal thing, there are some strong opinions about Shutter. Me? I love Shutter. I love Shutter, warts and all. Some folks have some pretty strong opinions regarding how much they dislike Shutter. And, well, they’re not all wrong. Their complaints can be pretty legitimate. Man, sometimes Shutter will freeze when you try … Continue reading “Take, Edit, And Upload Screenshots With Shutter”

How To: Kill Processes By Their PID (Process ID)

Today’s article is one my regulars will be expecting, as it is an article that teaches you how to kill processes by their PID (Process ID). This shouldn’t be a long or complicated article and I’d like to think a beginner can understand what it is that we’ll be doing. If you aren’t familiar with … Continue reading “How To: Kill Processes By Their PID (Process ID)”

Find An Application’s Process ID (PID)

Today we’re going to have an article that’s straightforward and simple and it will be about how you find an applications’s process ID (PID). This isn’t the article I want to write. This is a case where I have to write one article so that I can write another article. Otherwise, we’d end up with … Continue reading “Find An Application’s Process ID (PID)”

Get Some System Information With Archey

Today’s article will be a fun one, where we figure out how to get some system information with Archey. It’s a mostly unnecessary article and Archey is definitely replicating work done elsewhere, but it’ll be fun! Well, I think it’ll be fun… I suppose you can decide that for yourself as you read the article. … Continue reading “Get Some System Information With Archey”

It’s Time To Introduce You To The Terminator!

Today’s article is about one of my favorite terminal emulators, Terminator. Terminator is one of my favorite terminal emulators, and I’d like to use this opportunity to expose more users to it. For lack of a better category, we’ll say this is a review. Why not? It’s my site, I’ll call it a review if … Continue reading “It’s Time To Introduce You To The Terminator!”

Review: It Appears That uMatrix Is Back Under Development

This article is a bit of a review of some software called ‘uMatrix’. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s an impressive piece of software – especially considering it’s a browser extension. I was nosing around some old projects in my GitHub when I decided to look upstream. Lo and behold, Ray Hill (gorhill of … Continue reading “Review: It Appears That uMatrix Is Back Under Development”

Meta Post: The State of

It has been a while since I’ve done a meta post, a post about how the site is doing and some general commentary. I try to do one every couple of months, as it’s nice to be transparent and they’re relaxed articles to write. They’re handy articles when you have time constraints! Man… So much … Continue reading “Meta Post: The State of”

What it’s Like To Beta-test Linux, Specifically Lubuntu

You may not think so, but everyone can meaningfully help their favorite distro. Someone has to beta-test Linux, and most everyone can do so. Here’s one way that you can help. You don’t have to be a programmer, being able to code isn’t mandatory. It’s not even a requirement that you have spare hardware to … Continue reading “What it’s Like To Beta-test Linux, Specifically Lubuntu”

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